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We obsess over your customers’ calls so you can obsess over growing your business!

If a customer cannot reach your business, they often choose to move on to a competitor. On average 62% of calls to businesses go unanswered. You could be missing over half of your new business.

Let us capture your revenue!

Our Services

Live call answering

Our virtual receptionists answer your calls as if they were sitting at your front desk! Your customers hear a customized greeting, and your business looks great!

Handle business inquiries

We aren't an answering service. At Alpha Reception, we are so much more! We can give your clients quotes, details about your services, or qualify leads.


Schedule meetings

We can use your software to schedule meetings or consultations.

Take accurate messages

Our virtual receptionists free up your time and make sure all of your customers feel cared for. Call details are captured and sent to you in the method you prefer so that you can decide how or when you respond

Call Routing

We follow your instructions to get the right calls to the right places. You can choose to have your team take some, all, or no calls.

Outbound calling

We can call customers for you to confirm appointments, ask questions, or make requests.

Your Benefits

Capture more business

Whether we take every call, or just handle calls when your team is busy or away, we make sure that your leads are captured and you don't lose business to the competition! Imagine getting more paying customers all while doing less!


Free up your team and focus on growing your business

By not having to answer every call, you can invest your energy into doing the work you signed up to do! Handle and grow your business. Leave your calls up to the pros!

Get back your family time

You can turn off your phone knowing that we've got your back. Enjoy the time doing what you love all while your team of receptionists are capturing your leads and wowing your customers.

“The team at Alpha Reception has done a great job! My customers are always telling me how nice and accomodating my office staff are.”

Jane Miller


At Alpha Reception we obsess over your customers' calls so you are free to obsess over your business.

Because most new customers won’t call back after getting a voicemail box, use Alpha ensure that no one is lost to your competition. We know you are busy. Trust us to handle what we do best which is wowing your customers.


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